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Barrier Arms

Barrier Arms . Annual Servicing . Car Park Systems
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Barrier Arms

Barrier Arms . Annual Servicing . Car Park Systems
Fault Finding . Emergency Call Out

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Our Car Park Barriers

Auto Entry specialises in electric barrier systems for car parks and commercial spaces, ensuring compliance with safety regulations. As certified FAAC installers, we guarantee installations that meet all relevant legislation, including the Supply of Machinery (Safety) Regulations 2008.

Our offerings include a variety of electro-mechanical and hydraulic systems tailored to your needs, all backed by a manufacturer’s three-year return-to-base warranty for your peace of mind.

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Car park barrier installations often require accompanying access control systems like GSM intercoms, proximity card sensors, keypads, ANPR, or ground loops. Our team delivers reliable solutions with competitive maintenance packages to suit your requirements.

For repairs and maintenance, our qualified electronics engineers and electricians handle all types of barriers, with a comprehensive stock from major manufacturers. Opt for our Annual Service Agreement at £235 + VAT to extend your barrier’s lifespan and prevent breakdowns.

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Why Choose Auto Entry Car Park Barriers?

Customised Solutions

We offer a range of electric barrier options to suit your specific needs, including different sizes, materials, and functionalities, ensuring you get a solution tailored to your requirements.


Our car park barriers provide an effective means of controlling access to your car park, enhancing security by preventing unauthorised vehicles from entering. Built-in safety features reduce the risk of accidents and damage to vehicles or property.

Support and Maintenance

We provide comprehensive support and maintenance services for our car park barriers, ensuring they remain in top condition for longer. Our offerings include regular maintenance checks and emergency call-out services, providing peace of mind and swift assistance during urgent situations.

Our Audiences

Our car park barriers cater to a diverse range of audiences, including commercial offices, shopping centres, and industrial sites. With endless design possibilities, we can provide options tailored to specific needs. Book a FREE site survey today to discover the perfect solution for your requirements.

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FAAC B680 car park barrier arm by Auto Entry Ltd


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Barrier Arms FAQs

Car park barriers use sensors (like loop detectors or cameras) to detect approaching vehicles. The control system then raises a barrier arm to allow authorised entry or exit. Some advanced systems even integrate with access control methods like keypads, tickets, or licence plate recognition.

The cost of a car park barrier can vary greatly depending on several factors, including the type, size, and material of the barrier. Any additional features like automatic operation, loop detectors, and access control systems will cost more. For a specific quote, contact us directly!

Choosing the right car park barrier involves considering factors such as the level of security required, the volume of traffic, available space for installation, and individual budget constraints.

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