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Permanently Open

When their driveway sliding gate would not close, our client in Glasgow asked us to investigate. Having cancelled a Service Agreement with the original installer of this entry system, less than a year later, with no knowledge of why, the sliding gate would not close automatically or by using the fob.

After an initial visual inspection of the system we could see no sign of tampering or accidental damage. As the control board was a basic piece of hardware with no LCD screen to display any error codes, the first thing we checked was the TX and RX Photocells.
Photocells can either be hard wired or battery operated and very quickly the culprit was found… flat batteries.
In the event of flat batteries, a system usually responds by leaving an entry system in the open position.

We replaced the batteries and discussed the requirements for upgrading the Photocells to a hard-wired variety. The client booked us in for the following week and the upgrade was completed in half a day.