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Slug Electric Gate Not Closing

Automatic gate repair company

If your electric gate is not working and you need an automatic gate repair company, we are here to help! We have engineers nationwide and promise to give you a fast, friendly and professional service.

All of our engineers are ‘satellite engineers’, meaning they head to their first job straight from their home in a morning. We have engineers that live all around the UK which allows us to serve a large geographic area.

We do not prioritise any customers, all are equal and receive the same level of expert service at the same competitive prices.

Our availability is usually within 48 hours but we can often accommodate emergency callouts on the same day. Please give us a call if you need an automatic gate repair company!

Common faults with electric gates

  • Obstacles such as bushes and debris covering the safety photocell sensors
  • Dirty safety photocell sensors, usually mud or dust
  • Ingress of moisture affecting electronic components
  • Ingress of insects such as woodlice, spiders and slugs affecting electronic components
  • Mechanical failure due to lack of preventative maintenance
  • Premature product failure due to poor workmanship
  • Premature product failure due to using incorrect parts
  • Blown fuse on the main control board
  • Damage to motors caused by misuse or forced entry (usually delivery drivers)
  • Poor workmanship by the previous automatic gate repair company