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Electric Gate Opens Then Closes

Electric gate closes then opens

The most common fault by far across the UK witnessed by our engineers is when gates are mid-close cycle when they spontaneously decide to start opening. This cycle continues either for a consistent amount of times or continues until the power is isolated.

The small photocell sensors, usually mounted on the posts, are obstacle detection devices, meaning that they are designed to detect obstacles. Should an obstacle be detected whilst the gates are attempting to close, these sensors detect the obstacle and stop the gate from closing.

Quite often, poor workmanship at the time of installation leads to holes being left un-sealed, allowing the ingress of insects which choose to ‘nest’ inside the sensors, because they emit a small amount of heat and offer shelter.

When the nest becomes large enough or webs cover the sensors infra-red beams, this sends a signal to the gates control board telling the gate not to close. The result is that the gate will stop and reverse (open). After a period of time, the gate will attempt again to close. If an insect or slug is covering the infra-red beam then the cycle continues.

A good annual service will always check all devices for ingress of insects and will also seal any entry holes preventing ingress.