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Intercom Fault

After the intercom failed to work at our client’s property, leaving any guests unable to contact the main house, we visited the same day and a short investigation discovered a faulty 12V DC power supply.

Not an uncommon fault, however, a little further investigation found a tiny amount of moisture/condensation in the IP (ingress protection) rated enclosure the power supply was installed inside.
Beneath a bed of wood lice in the rear of the enclosure we discovered several small holes which had evidently allowed the ingress of rainwater.

After three years of successful operation the power supply eventually succumbed to the inevitable.
This only highlights the necessity of ensuring that all work carried out is by certified gate installers, approved electricians and real engineers who actually know what they are doing.

We only use authentic Videx components on any Videx intercom system and as we carry a small stock of essential items we were able to resolve the issue promptly.