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University of Edinburgh Accomodation

Student Castle provides luxury student accommodation right in the heart of Edinburgh City Centre and asked us to carry out the Annual Service on their 10 month old entry system. Comprising of a CAME ZLJ24 control board and 24V operators, safety photocells and safety edge devices, our Annual Service took around three hours to complete with all equipment cleaned, lubricated, checked and re-aligned, this system is good to go for another year until it’s next service.

We did make several upgrade recommendations such as the addition of a 24V Battery Backup system so that in the event of a power cut/emergency the gates would still function and allow any inhabitants to safely exit the rear of the building.

All batteries were changed in the Wireless safety photocells and a small amount of repair work was carried out on the Bircher safety edge cushions which had started to come away from the gate.

An annual service like this is essential for the safe operation of an automated entry system and is a legal requirement for many of our commercial clients.