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Replacement Intercom

Out with the old.

One of our many customers from Warrington got in touch and asked us for a replacement Videx intercom. The existing intercom was a Videx and had been in operation for approximately 15 years, pretty good!

Being happy with the old Videx intercom our customer sought advice on a modern replacement which could fit in with the family’s contemporary living. Fortunately, Auto Entry are a dedicated Videx installer and were able to recommend a fantastic system.

In with the new.

As a busy family the customer required key fob entry for the cars of the house as well as a solution for family, friends and workers.

We suggested the installation of a replacement Videx wired intercom which connects to a handset in the house, a proximity fob reader which can be used by gardeners and dog walkers and a keypad for the children to use. The proximity fobs are a disposable fob which have a unique ID so if you no longer wish to permit access to one of the fobs you can delete it from the system.

Benefiting from a classy looking stainless steel finish with rear illumination for night time use, this Videx modular intercom system is even vandal resistant.

After a hand-over with the customer covering the operation of the intercom we leave with the satisfaction that another properly installed intercom should hopefully be around in another 15 years!