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MiAccess @ Muirfield

Our longstanding customer, the Honourable Company of Edinburgh Golfers (HCEG) requested an upgraded access control system which could reduce physical contact between its 500+ members whilst giving an extra layer of security and control through the Covid pandemic.

With specialist help from Mr Billy Paton at Videx UK, we were able to specify and install the latest line of proximity sensor technology which is packaged with software to allow total access control at the site.

The MiAccess MiFare system allows the golf course members and staff to enter and exit the site by presenting a simple keyring sized proximity fob to a reader, mounted nicely on bespoke posts, fabricated by the Blazing Blacksmith in Peebles. Not only does this reduce the risk of transmission of the Corona-virus by eliminating the old keypad systems but it also enables the management and security teams on site to monitor who has entered and left the site, on what day and at what times.

The complete system was installed in a single day and plans are afoot to roll out the system to other parts of the site.