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Beninca – Cogent, dependable and simple

After making the decision to become a Beninca installer we have been delighted that the products we have installed have been simple and easy to install with many intuitive little touches thrown in, such as nut holders designed into the metalwork of motors (operators), multiple pre-drilled holes in mounting brackets for on-gate motors and the ability to wire motors without the use of proprietary plugs and sockets.

Changing your key supplier is always perceived to be difficult and fraught with unknowns along the way, however, our experience has been anything but. The regional sales manager has been supportive, the UK manager has offered his time freely and the tech support have been invaluable. Couple this with an accounts department that attends to every request with speed and we are left wondering why we didn’t do this sooner.

We have maintained many Beninca systems over the years at many of our larger commercial customers sites and to this date, we have still to experience a Beninca product failure. It is this exceptional reliability record which helped us choose our new main supplier as we make the necessary steps to help us grow in 2020-2021.

Thank you to the Beninca UK team who persevered for three years.