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Industrial Swing Gate By Auto Entry Ltd

Industrial Gates

This industrial site in Glasgow required a new gate and automation system, strong enough to prevent unauthorised vehicular and pedestrian access whilst meeting all current safety regulations.

Working with concrete foundation engineers, structural engineers and the local council, a solution was found in these very large, very strong gates. With the knowledge that the gates were fabricated by Auto Entry, galvanised and powder-coated, as well as being certified structurally by the engineers, these swing gates should last for a very long time.

Safety was designed in, as far as possible, to eliminate reducing hinge gap hazards by mounting the hinges on the corners, crush hazards on the lower edge were mitigated by providing the required ground clearance and force limitation and obstacle detection was catered for by installing a full suite of BEA System LZR laser based safety devices. The LZR safety devices are a ‘non-contact’ safety device, meaning that the gates will stop if an obstacle is detected and no impact will occur.