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Street Cabinet For Electric Gate Power Supply By Auto Entry Ltd

Street Cabinet

Whilst removing an old gate automation system and legacy access control equipment at this site in Kirkcaldy, it was observed that there was many decades of electrical wiring which had simply been buried underground, round about the gate area. Some cables were still live, some were unidentifiable and some were used in the current entry system. Our customer took our advice and commissioned Auto Entry to identify all circuits and cables in in the area to the front of the site, make them safe and where possible remove if not required.

Benefitting from our in-house qualified electrical & electronics engineers as well as certified electricians, Auto Entry’s gate technicians were able to complete the works, leaving the front of site much neater and safer with a single street cabinet to house all associated automation, safety and access control wiring.

Auto Entry are uniquely qualified to design, install and certify all types of electrical systems, from 3-phase industrial supplies, single phase domestic and commercial, to <50V electronics. We have years of experience in providing total industrial solutions to modern standards using modern and traditional components.