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Safe. Industrial. Reliable.

Our commercial customer who owns multiple industrial estates around the UK required a full update to an existing system. At our first site, in Washington near Newcastle, we carried out an Installation Condition Report and surmised that the sliding gate itself was in fantastic condition, was fairly new and was galvanised to give a longer duty life.

However, the automation system installed by a previous gate automation company was an undersized CAME sliding gate operator (motor) which was designed for much smaller domestic gates. As a result, at every shift change-over on this site, the gate would open and close many times but the maximum permissible number of cycles per hour was often exceeded, resulting in an overheated motor. Unhappy at paying for engineer callout fees every time the system ‘froze’, we were commissioned to do something about it.

Our solution was to install a very powerful Beninca operator which benefits from an internal Variable Frequency Drive, suitable for delivering smooth power to the gate with the ability to operate continuously, night and day.

As there were no safety devices previously installed, Auto Entry provided a full suite of the very best, laser based devices from BEA Sensors based in Belgium. These ‘non-contact’ safety devices cast an invisible true laser beam mesh in front of and to the rear, of the entire sliding gate. When an obstacle blocks the laser field, the gate is instructed to stop. This reduces the risk of injury or damage to pedestrians or vehicles on site.

Since commissioning was completed, this system has not failed once.