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Metal Driveway Gate Which Has Been Automated

Driveway Gates

As well as creating a beautiful property boundary, driveway gates can provide security and peace-of-mind to your home or place of work.

Auto Entry offer a start-to-finish service and can provide you with stunning driveway gates. Manufactured by our team, using metal, timber or composite materials. Our installation team take care of any concrete foundations required, as well as electrical power supplies using our sister company Kilted Trades Ltd.


All of our gate designs observe ‘Safe by Design’ principles. By employing a safe design we reduce the amount of safety devices required and make the entrance safer for users. It is always more cost effective to design the gate and the automation system at the same time.

Cables & ducts

One common mistake made by homeowners and property developers is to lay a beautiful new driveway and then find a gate installation company. It is essential to lay all necessary cable ducts prior to finishing the road surface. Auto Entry are experts in relaying cobbles, setts and making good asphalt patches.


If security is a concern, we offer several solutions depending upon the nature of the installation and any threats posed. Magnetic locks and electric drop bolts from Locinox are a popular solution. Automation systems are designed to move a gate automatically and are not intended as a security mechanism. If security is a requirement then some form of external lock will be necessary.

If you require a driveway gate, please get in touch with us and we will endeavour to assist you in the design, fabrication, installation and automation of your desired entrance.