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Jupiter Artland

Jupiter Artland in Edinburgh called us to investigate these faulty double swing gates at the entrance to the estate. After many years of operation the old system was beyond repair and we recommended a complete new installation comprising of FAAC S800 CBAC underground operators with digital encoders, opening and closing XP20 safety photocells, XP30 photocells for auto-opening of the gates and the integration of an existing Videx intercom.

Furthermore, the estate’s exit gates were based on a 433MHz entry system manufactured by BFT and the management required both sets of gates to operate from the single key fob. As the FAAC hardware we installed operated on a frequency of 868MHz we had to incorporate a BFT Receiver which was hardwired to the FAAC control board.

To reduce the usage of the gate, we installed a 24hr time switch which opened the gates at certain times of day when the bulk of employees were entering or leaving the site.

Backed up with a comprehensive Annual Service Agreement this new entry system will provide security for the site for many years to come.