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Class Leading Cabinets

When you pay peanuts… expect chimps…and faults…and unexpected costs.

Auto Entry is a collective of electricians, real engineers and automation technicians. Our employees strive to improve every aspect of our work from job to job. As such, at the back end of 2019 we launched our new Installation Standard.

Inspired by ISO 9000 quality management systems, we have devised a standardised approach to ALL automation installations from 2019 onwards. To ensure that we will still have a business in 30 years, our reputation is our most important asset and we believe that by installing all systems to the highest standards and using only the most powerful and reliable parts that our reputation will help us along our journey and open up other avenues.

World class Rittal cabinets from Germany house our automation controls equipment and we use a select number of manufacturers for all of the parts which we require. The Director of Auto Entry had an 11 year work history in the Norwegian oil and gas industry and is an avid fan of the robust power supplies from Phoenix Contact, logic controllers from Siemens and ATEX rated UT wiring connectors. These products are all installed on oil rigs across the globe because of their ability to work in extreme environments and their outstanding duty cycle which means they are pretty much bomb proof!

Our cabinets are without doubt the best in the UK, filled with the worlds best parts, programmed by our employees who studied at leading institutions and installed by technicians who have trained with time-served electricians.

It does cost more, and we don’t accept peanuts.