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Lasers in Lauder

Working in partnership with the Blazing Blacksmith of Peebles, Auto Entry were able to give our Borders customer a gate which was ‘Safe by Design‘, eliminating dangerous crush and impact hazards as well as looking absolutely stunning.

Working with a blacksmith in the design stages ultimately saves the customer money by not having to install electronic safety devices because the gate is physically safe by its design. By getting rid of the reducing hinge gaps and ensuring different safety clearances and forces our customer was able to invest in the latest laser based technology which can be used as an activation device to open his gates.

These FAAC XGuard lasers benefit from an algorithm which can be manipulated to detect vehicles, pedestrians or even animals. As well as providing a safety laser field they have an additional laser field which is used as the activation device to open the gates. A double whammy!

What’s more, our customer wanted one on either side of his driveway gates but with a time switch operating on the public side of his gate so the laser on that side would only be in operation during daylight hours, preventing delivery companies and the Royal Mail etc from having to use the intercom system to gain entry.

All installed professionally and with all wiring routed back to our industry leading automation cabinets, this system will prove reliable and easily maintained for many years to come.